Which is better: round or rectangle dining tables? These designers agree on the best shape for happy, social spaces
Natalie Dunn
27 February, 2023
Round vs Rectangle dining tables - which is better for family dinners?

If you are dealing with a long, narrow room, a rectangular table might be the more natural fit. If you are dealing with a smaller, square shape, a round table might sit perfectly in the center, have the capacity to sit more people, and look more like an obvious fit in the space.

This example from JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio is the perfect example of this. 'My client has a big extended family, and part of the brief was to make sure that at least six guests would be able to have a dinner at once,' says JJ Acuna of JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio.

'Since the space was narrow, we thought it best to create an L-shaped wall banquette seating to save space, with an additional four dining chairs to surround a rectangular table. Usually, for Asian families, a round table with a lazy susan is preferred for sharing meals.

'For a bigger space that would have been fine and appropriate. But for a narrow dining area like ours, this rectangular table with the banquette combination was the best bespoke design solution.'

The more natural the table looks in its new home, the more conducive it is to a happy, social, and relaxed space, subtly influencing how guests and family feel in the space


Which is Better: Round or Rectangle dining tables?


SOURCE: Livingetc