Heimat Restaurant by Peter Find
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15 July, 2022
JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio worked to recreate the sense of home by studying icons of German Architecture in their completion of the Heimat Restaurant by Peter Find in Hong Kong.

Designer JJ Acuna of Hong Kong-based JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio combines modern simplicity with the warmth of home in Heimat, the restaurant of former Ritz Carlton Executive Chef, Peter Find. Serving Modern German Cuisine, the menu lists traditional home-cooked fare yet prepared in refreshing and inventive ways.

Heimat, which means “home” in English, paints a unique homey vibe side-by-side with the other establishments in Lan Kwai Fong. Celebrating Germany’s tradition and history with its menu choices, not to be outdone is the Heimat’s urban feel, which reflects the chef’s modern approach to well-loved dishes.

Fast forward to modern clean lines and superior engineering, the designer was inspired by the Barcelona Pavilion of Mies Van Der Rohe.

Fine cuisine, comfortable space, and for the discriminating diner, the closest place to home.


SOURCE: https://hospitalitysnapshots.com/projects/21792/heimat-restaurant-by-peter-find/