Talking Style with JJ Acuna
Lane Crawford
16 February, 2019
James JJ Acuña, founder of JJA / Bespoke interior design and architecture studio, is renowned for his distinctive, self-described “creative, relaxed and masculine with flair” style. It turns out he’s a natural experimenter – but taste also runs in the family.

“I’ve been experimental about how I dress ever since I was a little kid,” he says. “I always loved shopping for clothes, and I used to work in clothing shops when I was a high school and college student. At one point in time I dreamed of being a fashion designer.”

As he grew up, Acuña’s parents imbued an appreciation of style in him, and it formed a deep familial bond. “My mum and dad appreciated great fabrics, textures, cuts and craftsmanship. They never really purchased any wasteful things for themselves to wear – it wasn’t about labels, trends, or fashion. It’s about making a choice that’s right for you, something that should stick for a while, make you happy and help you be the truest version of yourself.”

In particular, Acuña recently realised his dad was quite the sartorialist. “My father had amazing style when he was younger. I recently unearthed all these photographs of him from the 60s, 70s and 80s, wearing all the looks I’d actually wear today.” And that legacy has passed on. “I look the most like my dad, especially how I comb my hair now and how I rely on big glasses to face the world. We also have the same cheeky smile. When my father passed away last month, he had just purchased a classic pair of Aviator shades. I put my own prescription lenses in, and they fit me absolutely perfectly. Thanks Dad for the rockin’ shades!”


SOURCE: Lane Crawford